Friday 16 September 2022
Saturday 17 September 2022

The Night of Lights celebration fills the Hamina Festival Town with light, art and festivities 16 September – 17 September 2022 , when the dimming autumn nights are lit with glimmering lights. Special light installations can be found all around town, in the Summer Park, the garden of the Mayor’s House, in the Hamina Bastion and the courtyard of the Shopkeeper’s Museum.

Dance and circus performances, poetry and live music will entertain visitors on three different stages. There is a delightful selection of festivities to enjoy all around the town centre – something for everyone! The Night of Lights cultural festival brings together people of all ages to experience this truly memorable event.

Here is a taste of the programme. The programme and activites are free unless otherwise mentioned.

FRIDAY 16 September 2022, Hamina Bastion (Raatihuoneenkatu 12)

Circus shows, dance productions and music 18-19.45
TomuTomu band 20-21
The Pelle Miljoona Band 21.30-22.45
The Legendary musician from Hamina and his band will play a selection of their hits as well new music from their soon-to-be released album.
UV-light Labyrinth of Love: light art and painting workshop 14-23

SATURDAY 17 September 2022, Hamina Bastion (Raatihuoneenkatu 12)

Alpacas and goats in the Bastion 14–16
Circus performances, festival programmes, shows for children 17–19.50
Music, varying artists 20-22
Fire and Ice: Culmination Show of the Night of the Lights Festival, with pyrotechnics and fireworks by Teppo Hakkarainen and AK Sound & Music Service, 22.30–22.45
UV-light Labyrinth of Love: light art and painting workshop 14-23

Arranged by Town of Hamina


Saturday 10 December 2022 at 10 am to 4pm
Sunday 11 December 2022 at 10 am to 4pm

Bazaar event that gives you the atmosphere of Christmas. A variety of Christmas treats and craft products are sold within outdoor area of the Bastion. Also Christmas programmes.

Free admission!

Arranged by Hamina Bastion and Town of Hamina

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