Hevoset Bastionissa – equestrian event

Horses will neigh at the Hamina Bastion 7 June – 11 June 2023.

Dear visitors and contestants, mark your calendars and reserve these dates to experience the unforgettable, thrilling shows and riveting competitions of the Hevoset Bastionissa Equestrian Event!

Tickets are on sale liippu.fi

More information: www.hevosetbastionissa.fi

Event manager
Mikko Luhtala
+358 400 971191


Friday 15 September 2023
Saturday 16 September 2023

The Night of Lights celebration fills the Hamina Festival Town with light, art and festivities 15 September – 16 September 2023, when the dimming autumn nights are lit with glimmering lights.

There is a delightful selection of festivities to enjoy all around the town centre – something for everyone! The Night of Lights cultural festival brings together people of all ages to experience this truly memorable event.

Arranged by Town of Hamina

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