General information: 

  • Total Bastion area 17,000 m²
  • Event arena area 9,700 m²
  • Area under the canopy 5,500 m2
  • 58 vaults with a total area of 2,200 m²

The largest tensioned summer canopy in Europe:

  • Covered area of 5,500 m²
  • Maximum length of main masts: 27 m

The casemate:

  • The casemate vaults have water, sewer and power connections
  • The vaults house restaurant facilities, exhibition space and toilets
  • Artists’ private dressing facility with conveniences

The event arena:

  • Rated output of transformer 1,000 kW
  • Electricity reproduction systems within the area
  • 10-70 m² stage with fencing
  • Stands which can be modified and brought into use as required by the event in question:
    – Ascending stand (2 stands), 912 seats
    – Smaller ascending stand, max. 400 seats
  • Ticket booth at the gate for ticket sales
  • Toilets within the vaults
  • Waste management (as per agreement)
  • Use of electricity, and electricity supply (as per agreement)

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