When the fortress was no longer needed for its original purpose, its central bastion was converted into a spectacular event arena. A canopy was erected above the arena, providing shelter from rain, and still giving an opportunity to be under the starry sky.

The historic fortress surrounding the Hamina Bastion is a blast from the past! The Hamina Bastion was formed in 1998 by building the largest summer canopy in Europe, complete with a stage and stands, at the central bastion of the fortress built in Hamina mainly in the 18th century.

The Hamina Bastion offers a worthy venue even for a large-scale event. The arena integrates the old fortress vaults seamlessly with the latest technology and services, respecting both history and the visitor. The scene for events is characterised by the bastion yard, heated vaults, and restaurant facilities full of atmosphere.

An average of 10 to 15 larger events are arranged within the Hamina Bastion annually.

Recurring events include the International Military Music Festival Hamina Tattoo, Night of Lights, Christmas at the Old Arches, and various concerts. Other typical events comprise theatre, musicals and annual in-house events organised by associations and companies.

Most of the largest events arranged at the Hamina Bastion event arena take place in the summer, because the event arena is then covered by the largest dismountable canopy in Europe. The canopy designed by Roy Mänttäri is erected in May and dismantled in September. The Hamina Bastion is available for events throughout the year, because smaller parties and private occasions can be arranged in the heated facilities of the restaurant.

The Hamina Bastion has about 85,000 to 90,000 visitors annually.


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